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Strife Introduced Judgment to Hatred

Strife introduced judgment to hatred on day,

Love said, I can not leave,

I have got to stay,

Hatred's wrath only strife knows,

But, only judgment the way love goes,

Knowledge quests to see loves path,

But wisdom cries knowledge,

It is time for your bath,

Wash your mind clean and see,

Before you attempt to follow me, (follow who? Love silly)

Your knowledge, you don't really see like you think you might,

Unrepentant wisdom is not always right, (I need repentant and pure wisdom)

Not to boast as pride would do,

Proclaiming, I will never follow you, (Follow who? Wise counsel)

Just to merely have knowledge to be, and

To believe knowledge sees what it can not see,

Knowledge elevates to heights in shame,

Hey knowledge, where oh where is your gain, (Is it measured by $)

You capitalize and speak through shallow subtle pain,

Granting the inability to grieve, but the right to know,

Just forget your trauma, it known, just let it go,

Where knowledge, where do I hide my memories,

Do I transfer them to produce all my reveries?

Wisdom whispers into knowledge's ear,

Wake up, rise up, take heed and hear,

Don't resist the All seeing, yet, unseen eye,

Just ask in humility, why?

Only then will wisdom compliment you,

To raise you up in all that you know to do.

Knowledge puffs up,

Intelligence puts knowledge into its proper perspective,

Strife and contention will not contend with judgment,

To listen to strife, contention, envy and their host,

Will only produce hatred and lust for most.

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