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Strength or Weakness Per Brenda Arlesge’s Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

— The Wizard of Oz

Brenda Arledge's 36th Prompt

Brenda Arledge has given us our 36th word prompt, which is strength. She is a dear friend who takes time to read and write about our responses to her prompts. I know this has to be a time consuming task. We all appreciate her work and her friendship.

Attributes of Strength

Strength can be defined as a positive character trait or maybe a particular skill. Weakness is reflected through negative character traits. Strengths are defined by your skill, attributes, knowledge and your talent.


Weakness will always be noticed

Insecurity inhibits your creativity

Maybe you are too detail oriented

Weakness will cause our insecurity

Strength means staying focused

It will increase your productivity

Your honesty will always be noticed

Strength will show due to your integrity

Take the initiative through strength

Strength allows you to have flexibility

Achieving success, going to any length

Strength will also give you versatility

"Strong" by Will Hoge

A Lost Girl

This poem is about a girl who is self-conscious and does not have inner strength. She feels unloved due to the horrible way she was raised.

She searches for that love in some wrong ways until she finds God. At that time she begins to feel better about herself, gaining in that inner strength.

The final video is one of joy as people all come together to celebrate.


Lost Then Found

Sandy looks toward the ground as she walks

She does not want to look anyone in the eye

She mumbles her words when she talks

Her father left and all she wants to do is cry

Sandy left home and lives on the streets

She sells her body and her very soul

Sandy will sell herself to anyone she meets

At seventeen she is so miserable

One day she listens to a man on the street

He is preaching the gospel loud and clear

His words touched her heart sounding sweet

Sandy talks to him after he quits preaching

He explains the sacrifice that Jesus made

Sandy listens to the man as he talks

She wonders how she can make the grade

She gets up the nerve to ask the man

Can God forgive me for the things I’ve done?

Sure he can, he sacrificed his only son

Ask for forgiveness, he won’t remember even one

Sandy prayed, then smiled her face toward the sun

Sandy started healing that very day

She is growing stronger in every way


Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby