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Strength of a Vine

The roses tell me about you
but they’re not strong,
the wind,
the hail
makes them look pale
ready to go away
into the land of sorrow
where leaves and petals
turn to ashes.

I will not let them die,
you planted the first one
to grow and bloom
around the widow
you loved their fragrance
and I saw
your smile changed
when you felt them

In cherishing roses
I cherish you.
Honoring what they are
is remembering you.
Their strength comes in vines,
they know endurance
beyond strength
far into depth of sadness,
they hold inside the gem
of happiness come true,
of longing reaching home,
of souls connected
beyond this world.

No draught can make them go completely,
this home is theirs,
like it was yours.
They may hide for a while,
when winter comes in freezing gales.
They will be back with sun
and moon
to hug our window,
change the view,
color each dream that started with this view
with love, remembrance
and the love that comes
with memories
of you.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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