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Stranger Pillion

Vishw Deepak Jain is a student at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

I was pillion, and you thought I would get scared;

But you didn't know that I was one your kind.

Time passed and we had our machines,

Machines, letting us to declare a competition among ourselves,

As the heat craved, we starting owning the streets

But who cared as this was the starting of something that we never expected

As an addition, we got our own pillion;

Pillion greatest in every field,

May it be fun, emotion or scare

We, together, passed every machines that stood against us,

And with passing machines our bond got strong

Acquaintance became Friends;

Friends to Best Friends;

Best Friends to Brothers;

Brothers for life is what we are;

Not from the same mother;

But from other mother is what we quote.

Let this stay as it is right now, I pray to god

And he will shower this blessing, I will make sure.

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