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Strangeness in the air

Shailesh is a published poet and has written a book titled:Feel without fear(collection of poems) and writes on human idiosyncrasies.

Ignorance of Human

Nobody knows how and when

It all started from Wuhan

Happened slowly,then all of a sudden

A message from heaven

To stop this mass disruption

First,Forest cried in agony

Then Chinese felt the heat

Wave travelled via air and airports

To Europe and Far east

It left us bewildered and Panicky

We all chose to close down our materialistic menace

Before we could gasp or sigh

Thousands had already bid goodbye

Scientists still figuring out why

Or is it all a big lie

Isolated and locked in

We search deep within

In the end,nature always win

We created the mess,we are in

All suffered,From Modi to Trump to Putin

Ah,A great equaliser

A moment to reflect and think

Once,videos got viral just by innocent wink

Poverty has left nations in desperation

We definitely lack medical preparation

Hope we learn this harsh lesson

It took a non living being to make us realise

Unfortunately,we paid a huge price

Millions just surviving on lentils and rice

Pandemic has shifted from melting of polar ice

Air is not the same anymore

Wildlife blooms as humans face gloom

Glamour is replaced by gratitude

We have changed our attitude

Nobody knows how and when

It all started from Wuhan

© 2020 shailesh

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