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Strange Way Of Thinking

Agnes Laurens is a writer, wife, and mother of three daughters.

What is strange anyway?

Can we be strange?

What is thinking?

What does it mean when you think?

All I can see is a dark cloud

Not saying out loud

What I actually mean

One thought is not clean

What I do know

Is I am too slow

Thinking not the same

You can't give me the blame

Believe me or not

My thoughts are very hot

Whether you agree

Walking through the sea

Give me that drug

No, it is not any bug

That side to the other

I won't bother

Need some more

When I wore

Whatever that was

Through the mass

Everything with my brain

Far away together with the train

For no destination

No additional preparation

Crossing the mind

Words going blind

Where is the end

So I can everything blend

© 2021 Agnes Laurens

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