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Strange Things Happen

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We Learn To Adapt

A day like any other day

Go to work

Come home

Go on with my day

Somehow I must have irritated my left eye

I do remember rubbing it in work

Instead of it going away

It still bothered me a little

So as the day went on

I checked my eye again

After looking at it closely it looked red

It was sore to touch

Under the eye

Of course it is going to be sore

I have been rubbing it

Trying to see if there was an eyelash or sleep in my eye

Looking for the culprit

Later the next day it was still sensitive

So my wife recommended a warm compress

Now I am trying a tea bag my cousin suggested

Both felt good while it was on

The same feeling still remains

I have to give it time

To heal itself

I don't think I scratched my eye

I think it all started in work

I was peeling onions and I touched to fix my face mask

I know I got onion on my mask

I could smell it

It would not be out of the question

To have got onion from my mask in my eye

The problem is I wore the mask all day

So if I caused a problem

It was here to stay

So here I am tending to a little problem

Hoping it doesn't get into anything bigger

Off to sleep

The more rest can only help my eyes

I will look in the morning

With great anticipation

Maybe finally I am on the mend

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