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Strange Thing In The City

In mid 1973 Elijah was conceived spiritually, directed to reread the Bible, to note contradictions and he questioned what was written.

Strange Thing In The City

There is this something strange in town
which the masses can not understand,
it looks somewhat like an animal, in actions too,
yet it looks, acts, and even talks like man.

It walks upright like most any man
but keeps its body almost bare,
it's befriended by a great number of people
and in its present both genders are there.

It has often a dirty and smelly body
with unkept hair on face and head,
it eats from most anywhere, growing, food lines,
or taking from where it is seen, but never beg.

It has little value and use for money,
caring for its body is its only concern
though at a look it seems not so,
which causes most heads to turn.

What can this strange thing be that's seen about the city?
What is its purpose? Is there something it need?
What to offer it since it doesn't seem to want?
It laughs loud and hard seeming joyous indeed.

Man of all ages like it, most cameras can take a shot
It most never rejects anyone nor requires their change,
wherever you see it, it's there it calls home,
and no matter weather conditions, it's still the same.

It once had thoughts like other man, was a sexist,
a lover of family, ethnic group, country and all,
was a middle-class citizen, even a preacher,
but found that those lives were not his call.

What is this strange thing out of place in the city
that at a glance it's thought to be insane?
It's that which gave foundation to the word woman,
the type of man the woven from man came.

© 2020 Elijah A Alexander Jr


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington, DC USA on January 07, 2020:

Most of the time I am a "Strange Thing In The Country" also, Thanks my friend.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 07, 2020:

Nice job, Elijah. Strange thing in the city indeed.

Elijah A Alexander Jr (author) from Washington DC on January 07, 2020:

And a very enlightening journey as well, my brother. The law of evolution is "everything changes continually only to return to its, if we can call it such, original state. Evolution can't evolve beyond what was, is and shall be because, like the earth's evolution around the sun, t always returns to it's origin.

manatita44 from london on January 07, 2020:

A interesting journey. I suppose we all have one. Be alert to the evolution also. Nothing stays the same. Peace.

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