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"Strange"-Ishita Bose

Things are not as complex as it seems, it is just what our brains's entanglement makes us believe.

Thinking in process

Thinking in process

It’s strange isn’t it?
How the word itself puts you in thoughts of strangeness,
Though it doesn’t have to be that way,
But the fact that on hearing this word most of us scrunch up their nose,
And wait for the one who mentioned it prove their point,
But strange it is that it is always considered negative,
How pitiful it is that people still care enough to see the bad,
Before even questioning it’s good,
Or understand it’s underlying complexity,

The word strange holds a sense of excitement,
A crazy excitement which fuels the soul with thumping danger,
Causing a shiver down the spine,
But the consequence is not dangerous,
But something which we’d rather not try,
But on trial it isn’t as bad as it seems,
Strange isn’t it!
Just because of something’s or someone’s suggestive demeanour,
A quick judgement should not be passed,
Strangeness calms my soul,
I’d rather want a strange array of events lined up than a good or bad event,
Because the thrill of getting a bad feeling but in the end getting good is unexplainable,
Because strange is beautiful,
An unfathomable havoc,

A feeling with exotic composition,
Strangeness outside and strangeness within,
Because why not see the better in bad,
Why not see the stillness in chaos,
And why not find the sane in insane,
It’s difficult to change your regime overnight,
But how we always expect what we cannot do ourselves,
Strange isn’t it?

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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