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Strange Addiction, Poetry

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Love is behind every heroic action, self-sacrifice, and altruistic act. Undying love is endless in its memory and actions. Love is soul-food


White Rabbit

Strange Addiction


Strange Addiction

I am no longer in denial

in regards to my

strange addiction;

Keeping me awake at night,

is the hallmark of this

serious affliction!


I ruminate over absurd

things in which I have

an urgent need to say;

Then, I start rhyming,

and rearranging these words,

in every possible way!


The rhythm, and harmony,

need to flow smoothly,

and come together just right;

If the balance seems off,

(even just a bit),

then I’ll be awake the entire night!

Self Control

In my head, this whirlpool

of rhymes spins furiously,

racing on, and on;

Some self-control would be useful,

I admit, but I don’t want

my rhymes entirely gone!


In my obsessive search

for various words which will fit,

and are structurally synonymous,

I distract myself from my more

urgent need, which is to find

a nearby Rhymers’ Anonymous!


Strange Addiction

Strange Addiction


Strange Addiction


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