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Storms (A Poem)



Lots of water
Lots of light
Lots of sounds
In the dark of night

Spring is now
Summer is next
Storm season is here
Which, I detest

I know rain is water
And, thunder is noise
It's not that alone
That makes me unpoised

It's all the wind
And, all the lightening
Mixed with other elements
That I find quite frightening

It makes me anxious
It's something I fear
I don't like bad weather
It makes me scared

Many people like storms
For their beauty of nature
I don't see it that way
I see them as danger

The threat that they bring
The damage they can do
How could you not fear something
That can possibly bring harm to you?

The potential they have
The things they can take away
Like your home & your family
Why wouldn't you be afraid? 

I don't mind a general storm
Those are okay
It's the severe weather
That brings panic my way

I know it seems silly
I know I should be brave
None of us can help
The fears we obtain


Kara Ward (author) from Illinois on June 14, 2019:


Lorna Lamon on June 14, 2019:

Wonderful poem. I both fear and am fascinated by storms, however, I like to know I am safe when they happen.

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