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Stormy weather

Man standing in the rain

Man standing in the rain

Storm clouds gathered

shifting the atmosphere

blocking out the light of the sun

The man begins to tremble

in absolute fear

too terrified to run

As thunder rolls

and the wind howls

lightening begin to flash

the torrents fall

The storm rages on

he\s thinking of his troubled past

Soaking wet

drenched to the bone

he accepts as normal this pain

the harsh weather continues

it's just par for the course

he always got caught in the rain

When finally it ceases

the clouds roll back

the light begins to reappear

He shutters and shakes

begins to walk

trying to dispel his fear

he knew when all

was said and done

exactly what he would find

the wind clouds thunder lightning and rain

was a storm only happening in his mind

He takes a deep breath

lets out a sigh

for peace and calm he yearns

Yer he knew it was only

a matter of time

before the storm returns

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