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Stop I Said Stop


When Will People Listen?

Every day there are crazy things that just happen

Just odd experiences that come our way

We shouldn't read into it

It isn't because we are a bad person

It is not that you can't cook

Even if I couldn't here you complain

Which I clearly do

I would know your upset

Because, I can feel the floor boards shake

I think I am just suppose to listen

Now is not the time to talk

There is no reason to think because the same thing happened in the past

That is why it happened now

I asked you once and I will ask you again

Not to say this always happens to me

Is creating more of what you don't want

Not what you want

First in your mind

Then in thought

Later in action

Consciously or subconsciously

Common lines like

Why God why me?

We are subconsciously telling our brain it's not our fault

We are not taking responsibility for our past actions

We are playing the victim

I often say think of us as the superhero

No matter what happens we don't give up

There is a way

We just haven't found it yet

It is a new challenge

A new way to use our God-given talents

Putting our brain to the test

Why do we forget the most obvious?

Are we that lazy to even try?

What other reasons could it be?

Enlighten me?

What is wrong with making mistakes?

We all do it every day

Move on

Think of how good our life has been

Today is one more day of pleasure not pain

If we keep that mindset

See for yourself

Every day we will get a little more good

Think of it as cooking

We have the menu in our head

From the time we first thought about the meal

To the time the meal is prepared

We hoped wonderfully

Doesn't always happen

We cook the meal

Then the final product

We sometimes eat and can both agree

This wasn't the best meal

This didn't come out right

We were in a hurry

Maybe we missed an ingredient

We overcooked it

What happened to all the delicious flavors?


Think of so many other meals we have eaten?

How many times we were spot on?

Are we going to let this one meal?

Ruin all the meals in the future?

Never eat again

Absolutely not

We will keep trying until we cook what we enjoy

Then over time

Not right now

Soon forget that after taste of burnt toast

It didn't taste as I expected it

Not well

Maybe the bananas were too mushy to eat by themselves

It would have made a great banana bread

The milk was on the verge of going sour

Boy that breakfast went right through us

If anything else

We both got a good laugh

In the end, we got a good cleaning out


DREAM ON (author) on March 22, 2021:

Peggy Woods That was the song my mother used to sing also. It is funny what things we remember. The video is awesome. I love the computer age you can find almost anything. I am still in the Prehistoric Age one day I will catch up. Some memories are so beautiful they are worth repeating over again and again. Then we can let the bad disappear in the abyss or it can all go in a black hole to never be seen again. I hope to keep you amused and entertained in the future. Thank you for reading and caring. Have a lovely morning.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 21, 2021:

In your second comment, you mentioned a doggie in the window. Here is that children's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG_3QnWU884 It is cute, and I remember singing that with my family when I was a child. I enjoyed your musings and laughed at the end. A good cleaning out is often good. Haha!

DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

Harriet Dionela I am so glad to be a part of your day. i can't make you smile. Not because your sad because your already smiling. Long before I came into the picture. What a great way to live life. When I see your dog picture I think of a song about the doggy in the window? I don't know the words. Google isn't helping either. Hopefully, we all can find things to love and be loved constantly. In a not-so-perfect world. 5 days ago and a thank you on the way. Wishing you and your family a lovely Sunday.

DREAM ON (author) on March 21, 2021:

Ann Carr Spoken like a true teacher. I am always learning. Someone said and I am not sure who? When you stop learning you are dead. So I like to think I am alive and well in that frame of mind. There is something different about writing and thinking that I can't put my finger on. It is like two entirely different processes that can work well together but it takes time. Almost like to brothers. They fight a lot. If you put them together on the right day and the right time they can be unstoppable. There goes my morning. I started at 5 and now it is 9. I just spent my time writing comments. I have to reread my poem to see if I get the same vibe when I first wrote it. Then I try to understand my thought process. In the end, I see what pops in my head in the meantime. new feelings or emotions I haven't felt before. Five days is a whole work week. That is the time it took me to return. I missed every deadline. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Sunday

Harriet Dionela from Taguig City, Philippines on March 15, 2021:

I loved it. Thank you for sharing this poem.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 15, 2021:

There is always a good side! It's so easy to concentrate on the failure, the here and now, the 'why me'?

I find at the moment, that everything has to be right or it's no good at all, everyone blames someone else. That's awful. Can people not think for themselves, take responsibility? Of course they can, and should. We're not here to expect everything for ourselves, everything to be good.

Great thoughts and great solutions!


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