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Stop Domestic Abuse - Let the Bruises Show!

She would not ever "Let the Bruises Show"

After the domestic abuse of a friend got out of hand and the victim was not believed because she would not let the bruises show, she would not let anyone know and when she would not speak out about the threats made on her life, she was denied an 'order of protection' by the Police.

When she found someone who did believe her, and she told him everything then he and she were blamed for the break-up of her marriage . . . She was told "Go back to your husband and work it out!" by those who could not possible know what she was/had-been going through because she would never let the bruises show and she was good at hiding them too. Linda's new love kept her safe for as long as he could, Then the happiest day of her life was the saddest of his.

She was in hiding until the day came when the divorce papers were to be signed and when she left the lawyer’s office it was then that he followed her.

How delicate the flower - so easily bruised.

How delicate the flower - so easily bruised.

Stop the Abuse - Let the bruises show

She tried so hard to remember

When the abuse began

It started so slow she did not know

Verbal bruises do not show

At first they were insulting hateful words

Her self-esteem torn down

For what reason? She did not know

Bruising of the heart will not show

Then from the first strike he told her

“See what you made me do?”

And if you tell your kids

They will not believe you

Especially when I tell them about you

With makeup, hats and long sleeved shirts

She hid the bruises from our view

But her closest, dearest friends all knew

When an order of Police protection was denied

As his intimidation grew

He took away her pride

With brutality in his fist

And evil in his eyes

He seemed to enjoy her cries

As with each blow more love dies

What could any of us do?

To their friends and family

He showed a side that was anything but mean

To her he only showed the beast

No one else could ever know

Because she didn’t let the bruises show

He told her she will rue the day

If she should ever walk away

And he would make her dearly pay

Things became so bad she couldn’t stay

Somehow she got the courage to run away

Then the threats to end her life began

And she hid out for weeks on end

An order of protection was denied

Because he said she lied

All she could do was hide

Until the day he said he would set her free

The happiest day of her life

No longer was she the evil man’s wife

Happy as she stopped for the light

He was in he rearview sight

She turned her pretty face away

On the 31st day of May

She did not have to look at him

As he took her life that day

Let the Bruises Show

Linda Martin left a legacy of love

For everyone she knew

Honor her memory

Stop the abuse and let the bruises show

Let the Bruises show

Don’t enable the abuse to grow

Let your friends and loved ones know

Find a safe place to go and let the bruises show

Reach out to others

To help you through the pain

When your love can’t stand the strain

And you can no longer hold the reins

Let the bruises show

Don’t share the abuser’s blame

Don't let your silence hide their shame

Let the bruises show

How can you stop the bleed?

Get the abuser the help they need

Don’t hide the pain

Let the Bruises show

Stop the verbal before the physical abuse can start

With your words you can expose

The scars upon your heart

Those scars are very real…Scars no one else can see or feel

Unless you let the bruises show

No one else will ever know

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

© 2016 Shyron E Shenko

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