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Stop Being Ignorant

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Two heads of the same coin, each disloyal to those that prop them up.

Two heads of the same coin, each disloyal to those that prop them up.

See my countrymen topple over without life,

Time in the spotlight, convicted by the knife.

Only pain offered to console the weak,

Peace is but a lie to hide the outcome so bleak.

Broken souls searching for a leader,

Every enemy looking for a heavy bleeder.

If ever they catch you then you better pray,

No respite shall be given on your dying day.

Give up for their sake to avoid more pain.

I see a country falling apart,

Gnashing teeth around every heart.

No quarter given even to a helpless child,

Only words of spite flowing free and wild.

Run all you wish but they will pull you from hiding,

Any resistance to their hate will end in your chiding.

Never again will we be the same,

Torn from love to cast vitriol and blame.

You Are the First Step to Positive Change

I could care less what your ignorant sociopolitical beliefs are, because the second you realize that the only thing that matters is how you run your own life the world will have been made a brighter place. Ignorance is never deeper than when wading in the noxious muck of commoners lashing out at one another over politics they have no real control over. Release yourself from your privilege, join a movement if you must, but most of all ensure that you save your community from themselves.

I'm tired of watching my fellow Americans die at each other's hands, both physically and spiritually. Stop being ignorant.

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