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Stillness Through the Storm

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Mary has loved writing ever since she was a young child, writing and reading have helped Mary through some very hard times in her life.


She sits outside surrounded by dead silence and memories

Sitting and watching the stillness of the night as she has so many times before

There is always so many thoughts that run through her mind

Her heart gets so heavy, as she stares into the darkness

Those secrets she keeps hidden begin to take over her body

Her life is so different now, but those demons always come back to haunt her

She just can't seem to escape the pain from her past

Something is always lurking underneath the surface

Waiting to crush every ounce of happiness that enters into her life

She often finds herself wishing she could scream out what happened to her

Every horrible nightmare that she can never forget

Then maybe, just maybe she could start the process to heal those wounds

Each year that passes takes another piece of her voice and what little dignity she has left

No matter how much time has gone by she still feels the hurt and sorrow

In this moment of silence she feels compelled to cry and grieve

She lets her sorrow flow into the night

For she knows this sadness will leave as soon as it has come

So with one last goodbye she closes her eyes and prays for peace once again

Then waits for the storm to pass and fade away into the stillness of the night


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