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Indigo Sunday


It was just a boy and a girl kissing after hours of thinking about how they shouldn’t.

It was a boy, resilient in his stance, and a girl tranquil in her state. You, being the boy, but this time, someone else being the girl.

Did you kiss her like you kiss me?

Did your mouth dance on hers as if it was the only steady and constant thing in front of you?

Did her lips become your ground?

Did her exhale become your only form of oxygen?

Did her teeth hold more established beliefs than your morals?

Did her fingers unearth the stories tangled in your hair?

Did her waist, fiery in the palms of your hands, spark a shift in your perceptions?

Did the shreds in her jeans restitch the meaning of the words, “I promise” back into your memory?

Did her chest unhinge to reveal a mirror?

And after she expanded her vulnerability, did you find the danger in her you were searching for in me?

© 2017 Xandra Lang

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