Bleeding Poetry

Updated on March 2, 2018
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She is a 19-year-old college student dreaming to have her book of poems published worldwide. She wanted to share her literary works to all.

Still You

You had your arms wrapped around me when we were in kindergarten
Saying that you’re my friend and you’ll never leave me forgotten.
I had my hopes up and snaked my arms on your waist, smiling
My little heart almost jumped up to my throat, pumping.

But like a treacherous servant in an isolated castle,
You left with a sack of gold and forgot me without a hassle.
You left me broken, like a tiny bits of glass scattered in the wooden floor
Full of pain, I cried in tears that is blood in colour.

When we were young, it was you. Now that we are grown up, it’s still you.
I wish someday you will tell me that your feelings for me were true
No matter how much I tried to forget you, I won’t succeed.
But I guess you did not fail to forget me, you know the deed.

Now that we met again, in the reunion of our batch,
Even though our feelings back then did not match
My heart brought back the memories when I am happy and sad
Together with you, is not that bad.

I smiled as I saw you, you did the same though
My heart is thumping in joy at the same time in pain but no need for you to know
Happiness is evident in my eyes.
I don’t know if seeing me makes you feel nice.

It’s still you and I guess in the future, it’s still you
And I won’t ever get tired of choosing you
For this is my happiness and I will fight for it
Until my heart throbs in its last beat.

I Wonder

Sometimes, I wonder what it's like to be with you,
I wonder what those girls feel when they're beside you.
Maybe it's nice to smile happily every time you're near,
Without worrying over anything and shedding no tear.

I wonder why you didn't treat me the way you do to others.
Maybe for you, I am just another blade of grass in a field full of flowers.
A grass that everyone won't even bother to look at the beauty,
A grass that struggling to at least breath and loss its dainty.

I wonder when you'll be able to finally notice me.
Or am I just imagining things and it's better for me to see.
That even if I become one of those flowers, you'll still not recognise,
Because I am not the flower, in your needs can suffice.

I wonder how I will stop from loving you,
I cannot stop from looking up to you too.
'Cause in this field, you are the gardener and time will come,
You'll collect the flowers and leave me here, lonesome.

I wonder where I would start from moving on,
But I guess I will just continue to feel the happiness and pain.
Like in a labyrinth; not knowing how to get out,
Because that's what loving you is all about.

Like Sunshine

Like sunshine, you brighten up my day.
Like sunshine, you keep darkness away.

Like sunshine, you let my tears dry.
Like sunshine, you urged new things for me to try.

Like sunshine, you let me see the beauty of the world.
Like sunshine, in everything I became bold.

Like sunshine, you wake me up every morning.
Like sunshine, you keep me going.

Like sunshine, you intimidated the night.
Like sunshine, you made me love you with all my might.

But like sunshine, you’ll always end up leaving me
Without a notice or a trace for me to see

And like sunshine, you hurt me without a warning
And left me with a great pain in my heart, scorching.

Sleep Tight

In the screaming silence of the dead night,
Where crickets and nocturnal insects seemed to find peace,
I was frightened sitting along in the corner of my bed.
Asking this question in my head: when will they come home?

Turning on the TV was a big mistake
The show was all about ghosts that I could not take
Radio seemed to be the second choice
But the segment was all about love advices which nearly made me puke.

Sitting back in the corner of my bed
Gripping tightly in the hem of my shirt
Silently complaining why they were not home yet
No choice but to listen to the crickets as they made sound with their wings.

Wondering why those insects were not scare at night,
They seemed to be active and happy everytime the sun will resign
Giving turn to the moon that was always changing its form
Those insect's life weren't easy as predator may take their life away.

I nearly went to sleep when I heard the footsteps of my parents.
With a smile that can wipe out the world's blues,
I ran outside and greeted them,
"Mama, Dad!"

As I hugged them tightly
All my worries and fear flew away
With their smiles at me,
The night seemed like day and crickets' sound were like little birds singing in a jolly tune
To rejoice with me in this happy memory.

I now understand why crickets don't fear night
Because they have their parents at their side
Me, too! I will surely have peace tonight
'Cause I had my parents and they will be beside me as I sleep tight.

She Who Loves You

You don't know how much she loves you
You don't know how much she cares for you
You don't know that every time you smile,
She, who loves you, can be the happiest in a little while.

You don't know how much she loves you
You don't know that she cannot forget you
You don't know that every time you cry,
She, who loves you, can wipe your tears until they're dry.

You don't know how much she loves you
You don't know that she is devoted to you.
You don't know that someday, she dreams to be your wife.
She, who loves you, will stay with you all her life.

You don't know how much she loves you
You don't know that she can make you happy, too.
You don't know that she is contented to see you day by day
She, who loves you, cannot bear to lose you all the way.

A Walk With Him

I walk with him for the first time
He is in the front,
And I am looking at his back
As he faced me, bells began to chime

He stopped and smile
To wait for me in a little while
He extended his hand
Together, we walked in the sand

The sea breeze calmed down my rummaging heart
A walk with him now will always be in my part
I will never forget the scenery
As I held his hand without misery

A walk with him is what I’ll remember
Keep it hidden and cherish it forever
That no one can find it even with a clue
Because it’ll be constantly legit and true.

From Afar

I am your number one fan
Though many of us are also claiming to be one
I like to see you smiling under the rain and sun
Only you can make my heart beat faster, no one else can

I am just here supporting you
Yes, I existed and I’m sitting behind your pew
But you didn’t turned back so you didn’t know
Anyway, I am just contented to see you, yes I do.

Last time when our eyes met
I can’t smile because it’s reflected all in my eyes
I didn’t know but time quickly flies.
As you passed by without bidding goodbye.

Just like what I'm doing for the longest time,
I'll only look at you from afar.
I won't dream that someday you'll become mine
But at least at me, you will smile.

Because from afar, I see you closely
From afar, I hear you clearly
From afar, I feel you undoubtedly
And from afar, I love you dearly.

I Should

When you came to me and gave me a gift,
I should have said thanks
When you came to me and lift me up
I should have extended my hands and feel the air
When you came to me and offer me a ride
I should have get in and be by your side
When you came to me and cooked my favourite noodle
I should have ate it without a doubt
When you came to me and told me your story
I should have listened
When you came to me to cry your heart out
I should have patted your shoulder and said it’s gonna be okay
When you came to me to celebrate your birthday
I should have bought you a cake
Next time, when you come to me
I should set you free because I knew you’re not already happy.


I wandered in the woods
Lost without foods
Shoes were dusty
The air was misty.

Tears streamed down
Can't help but frown
Tired, muscles aching
No one was helping.

I sat on the bark of tree
I wanted to be free
In this woods full of mystery
And be home quickly.

Sweat on my forehead
Water, I desperately need
Get me out of this lake
I can't seem to take.


As time passes by
All of their memories about her
Slowly die

As the wind blew
The old memories
Were replaced by new

She was forgotten by the people
She remembers the most
And she feels like a fool.

People had forgotten her story
And it makes her sad, really.

But she thought, "We are bound
To be forgotten by everyone around
Even if I make a sound
Again they couldn't found
The memories about me so profound."

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    © 2018 Tiffany Talaba


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