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Still Needs Air

We wanna throw our paperworks away but remembers that we have monthly bills.


Put down my pen, reached out my bag
A blank and impatient stare.
Long hand ticking fast, past six
Yet interminable until 5:59:59.

In between the longest minute
Head headed out first.
Went to a walk on the streets, damp
Under the streetlamps, dim.
Lightly and tiptoeing from
Piled up water on cracks.

Last forty-five seconds,
Body being buried
On the chair, curving my bones
And its soul, like
Under a 6-feet pit, my eyes
Closed didn't want to
Blink open, back belongs
To the earth, ignoring worms.
And praising God.
Dug out dirt were on me.
It's cold yet comforting
It's getting darker,
And darker, 'til pitch.

Then, air.
I need air.
Cannot breathe, gasping.
Streched out my arms, grabbing
Each dug side, lifting my body
Out of the dirt, I need air!!!

It was five seconds before 6.
Opened my eyes, heard a lot
Of asynchronous clackings
Inhaling the cold breeze
At 22°C,
I need this air.
Clicked my pen, and wrote
"Zoom at 10".

© 2021 Kathrine S

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