Steps (a love story, a dream, and another poetry)

Updated on May 8, 2018

The years felt like seconds,
the fear ready to disappear,
I'm now taking these steps,
I'm walking under a new atmosphere,

But before I finally leave, let me live it once more,
though I dwell in it no more, it shall come within me as I walk out its door,

It was almost six in the evening, my heart felt strange,
and in a matter of hours, I saw everything change,
Whispers under the air of silence
caused my curiosity to seek recompense,

And as I walked out the yellow doors,
destiny called like it never did before,
nothing could stop the sovereign hand,
the impossible walked in, there's nothing more to understand,
the dream that was spoken with such careless glee,
on that moment being weaved into reality,

my eyes wandered away and resolved not to look,
I saw the risk too high,
let me pass over it, let me try,
but the gravitational force went wild,
in trying to run away, it pulled me straight by your side,

The years, the distance, and the odds that stood in the way,
all bowed down and retreated that day,

You were a star and I stood from afar,
it was only within that we were able to communicate,
they might call me a fool but I believed it was fate,

Because neither one of us had spoken out loud,
no searching but there was something found,
No grand scheme, no promises were made,
only hopes planted under the shade,

It couldn't be, said I,
but why did my heart go with you when you said goodbye?

I was yet to finish the story but the song has finished,
I realized that I now have arrived,
standing at the altar,
I stood as your bride,

I had to giggle and burst in smiles,
Remembering our unfolding story made it all worthwhile,
miracle after miracle, nothing could stop this day,
Truly, His ways are higher than our ways,

And with the blessings given,
the ceremony done,
came another moment that I never knew would come,
I giggled once more, harder this time,
I whispered to you, "I don't know how,"
You laughed and answered, "I can't believe you're finally mine."

Everyone then suddenly understood
that the poor bride did not know what to do,
they cheered and laughed with you,
I stood there blushing, I laughed along, too,

Then you suddenly took hold of my face,
fixing my eyes on you, I saw the man I love; I saw God's grace,
though still blushing, I did not move so nothing I'll miss,
finally our union was sealed with our first kiss.-apG

Soli Deo Gloria


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    • profile image

      Michael Milec 10 days ago

      A solemn presentation of loving life destination. Sentiment most of God's children could relate to. Your poetry elevates soul giving elan ever higher and better hope for now and hereafter.


      Blessings and peace.