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Step aside

Take your time.

Step aside.


And when you return later

You'll be able to handle it better.

These walls that surround you

This cage is rattling.

These are your creations.

You earned it, so free yourself.

Keep what little sanity you have left.

All ties should be severed.

At a time, one thread at a time.

Do not project too far into the future.

Your present requires your presence.

The future can be created.

When your today has arrived.

You're a worrisome person.

And what is it about?

Time was never yours in the first place.

And you'll never be able to shape it.

It is acceptable to bend.

Allow yourself to relax and let go a little.

Accept failure as a given.

It did not go as planned.

Accepting it will help a lot.

This precariousness requires no further efforts

Take it easy.

What you truly require is yourself.

If you can't fill your own void,

Make no intentional efforts to improve,

Life should be a breeze.

You learned everything you needed to know.

You're afloat. You float.

Things abide when you don't care.

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