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First, it learns about the world, it makes
maps, reads books, does mathematical
calculations; then it takes a break. When it
wakes, it now wants to change the world.
It builds a metal foundry, and makes
steel and aluminum; it then builds
fighter~jets with them.
It rises high in the air. It observes the clouds
beneath it. It then marks small buildings,
sets targets, and presses the button.
The missiles run towards the targets
like an arrow. It has eliminated a portion
of its enemies successfully.

In order to win an election — you have to read
the WorldMind, the Zeitgeist: the minds of
the people.
What do people want? What do people fear?
You have to note that everyone in this
world want more money; everyone in the
world fear premature death.
These two aspects you have to internalize, and
deliver speeches based on them.
The more accurately you hit on these two
aspects, the more votes you will get — and
even if you lose the election — you will
not be ashamed of it; there will be pride
even in the loss.

After 30 years of research, Mammud wrote
a book of poems. This book described
the life in heaven, the daily activities of God,
et cetera. Whosoever read this book, they
came to Mammud's house, and kissed his
feet. Mammud, whose classmate was Goethe, had
finally surpassed his biggest rival.