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Stealth Maiden: Mistress of the Invisible

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Developing the art of practicing quiet patience

Avoiding the type to be taken advantage of

Been used and tossed aside too many times

A human version of a tossed salad

Less appetizing; unless Hannibal Lecter comes to dinner

Dressed in head to toe black this evening

Either a good cat burglar or Marcel Marceau's twin sister

Minus the excessively pale make-up

Already pale enough as is

No need for any extra help on that front

Often wondered what it took to be able

To pull a disappearing act to some extent

Not a vanishing without a trace situation in the slightest

Have no desire to appear on Dateline as a mystery

Being able to bury away the inner burdens

Move through the world without being exposed

A secret double agent blending into the crowd

Not contributing to any of the mindless social bluster

Been isolated for too long to even know what socializing is

Crowd control an understandable government procedure

Eager to please and check off everyone's boxes

Being the cool girl and the dutiful daughter

Fed up with striving to anything but what I want to be

Not sure what that entailed at this point in time

Would like the opportunity to make judgment calls

To figure what worked and what didn't

Given up pop culture name dropping for now

Seemed almost a desperate ploy to be another disguise

Ready to find an escape route from this routine

Time to get up and fight things head on

Taking charge of the next day with gusto

Watching stupid internet videos and having fun

Maybe, a trip into nature or just a walk to somewhere else

All depends on the weather and what's left of patience

Gone all over the map with that one

Temper test a few times and fingernails dug into arms

In an effort to be diplomatic

Lousy to do, but beneficial in the long run

Quietly and with enough subtly to not leave a trace

What the armchair doctor ordered for now.

Either the ultimate disguise or not enough light to put on make-up.

Either the ultimate disguise or not enough light to put on make-up.

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