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Stealing From “herself” #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Culture of the island

Being harped on by

People was indeed

Negative for them, because

Things grow from bad

To worse for the

Couple. At a point

In this phase, they

Considered separating, because of

The poverty, but considering

Their new baby they

Had a second thought

And decided to stay

Together to weather everything

Together. Such was the

Condition then with them

The child has also

Suffered with them. Things

Changed years afterwards and

Like a dream their

Money starts growing like

A grass by the

Riverside, now they are

Comfortably sitting at the

Apex of the richest

Family in the island

Their minds are on

Their daughter, on what

They can do for

Her she deserves something

Bigger, better, and great

They have been saying

Among themselves. Their thought

Has been subsumed on

What to do for

Her, she is special

In their life. After

Series of deliberations they

Decided to get her

Established. Asking her to

Start a business by

Herself does not cross

Their mind, that would

Be too laborious, thus,

They put her at

The helms of affairs

Of one of their

Companies. She was the

Director of their biggest

Company. “Every six months

We shall be asking

About the situation of

The company from you”

They told her. After

A year that she

Has performed brilliantly at

The company, she changed

Because of a well

Of thought that has

Filled her heart. The

Thought was centered on

Their culture, for in

Their island, females are

Aliens to parent’s properties

And would not have

Access to her parents

Properties neither be included

Among those who shall

Be given any of

The inheritance after they

Are dead. Thence, she

Started stealing from the

Income of the company

She has a separate

Account opened with a

Pseudo-name where she

Used to deposit the

Money. As she was

Remitting money into her

Pseudo-account, the gross


Income of the company

Reduced, affecting the capital

On which the company

Was being run. Having

Been left alone by her

Parents over the years

They had to take

The plight of the company

To them when she

Was distressed on what

To do. She had

Thought her parents would

Bail the company out

Of its distress, but

Her parents acted otherwise,

Asked her to cut

The number of the

Workforce she is paying

Salaries to. This was

What she did. While

The company was distressed

Some erstwhile moribund companies

Started coming back to

Life and new ones

Introduced springing up in

The island. The company

That has no competitor

Before now has many

Competitors and many of

Her staff that have

Been sacked were employed

By those companies. Those

Ones introduced new schemes

Into their companies to

Really make the market

A stiffer one for her company.

This affected the company

But despite this she

Never changes her disposition

Keeps on covertly saving

Money out of the

Meager income of the

Company. Her parents could

Not fathom what happened

Because that was their

Best establishment, the biggest

And the main source

Of income for them

Out of all their

Establishments. Then they called

Her to express their

Minds unto her. It

Was then they told

Her that the company

She has been managing

Was hers’ for immediately

She assumed position as

The director of the

Company they had gone

To lawyers and other

Concerned authorities to change

The ownership of the

Company to her name

And now that the

Company is about to

Collapse they would not

Know what else to do

For her to help her.

When she heard what

Her parents said, she

Started perspiring, for she

Thought she has been

Wise all this while

But unknown to her that

She was the chief of

All fools around.

She has been robbing

Herself all this while,

Thinking she was building

Herself, and spending at

Public gatherings instead of

Reinvesting some of those

Money to boost the company’s

Products and solidify her more

Her parents told her

To go and see to

What she can do to bring

The company back on

Its feet and if there

Is anything they can

Do to assist her, she

Should not mind coming to them

To let them know.

She sorrowfully left them

She started injecting monies

Into the company with

The mind of reviving

Her, but other competitors

Have gained ground, for

Most of the company’s

Good customers have shifted

To those companies, and

Those customers were not

Ready to leave those companies

For they are being

Treated well there she

Lost out and becomes a shadow

Of herself because of her greediness…


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