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Stealing From “herself” #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She is the daughter

Of the richest person

In the island, her parents

Have other children

Apart from her, males

And females. But out of

Them all, they are

Paying close attention to

Her because she was

Given birth to when

They were still struggling

When the future was

A mirage to them

When everything was wishful

Thinking to them. Then

They did not know

Marriage was another world

Entirely, before they get

Married to each other

For they thought when

Someone falls in love

And the love keeps

Burning in their hearts,

Then things would level up

Unknown to them that

Loving someone with all

Of one’s heart is

A phase that needs

To be balanced with

Financial muscles. All they

Thought of before has

Been love would level

Things up, would make

Things straight, thus, when

They were being counseled

By a more experienced

Person that they should

Ensure that they have

Something that would be

Their regular source of

Income before getting married

They considered the person

Their enemy, an anti-progress,

To them the mouth

Of the person was

Stinking, they said among

Themselves as they ignored

The counsel and went

Ahead with their wedding

In the course of

Continuing to live together

As couple, then they

Discovered from their experience

How inestimable the value

Of the counsel of the

Person was. When she

Got pregnant and finds

It hard to attend

Antenatal clinics, they resort

To using “faiths” as

They have been taught

By their religious leaders

That “the just shall live

By their faiths” in the world

When the woman was

To give birth to

Her things got complicated

Because the faith house

That she went to

She has been laboring

For about 4 days

With no progress. When

They saw this, they

Decided to go to

Hospital but since they

Have not been registered

At any of the

Clinics before, they had

To register them afresh

And lots of money

Were demanded from them

To pay the amount

Requested, she had to

Part with her costly jewel

To save her life

And her baby’s from

Untimely death that was

Hovering over them. To

Achieve this, that was

When she had to

Tell her hubby to

Go and sell the

Costly jewel at any

Amount people could afford

To buy it. Life

Is precious time is

Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor

Not on their side

The fetus is in

Distress likewise the woman

The husband sold the

Costly pearl at a

Ridiculously low price to

Remedy the situation. That

Pearl was the last

Pearl she had left

As others have been

Sold to feed themselves

When they had nothing

And their parents had

Told them that they

Cannot keep on coming

To them for assistance

Because they also have

Other things to attend

To, they are now

Married and they should

Know that they are

Not living under them

Again, if they were

Living with them, they

Would have incorporated them

Into their spending, when

You become a family

Man, you learn to

Be responsible, it is

A phase of responsibility

Not a dependent phase,

Thus, the holy writ says,

Both will leave their

Parents and become one

Flesh for so they

Are the day they get married.

It is then they

Know that while in

Love, one should also

Listen to the voice

Of wisdom. The jewel

Was sold to raise

The hospital charges so

That medical personnel would

Go ahead with discharging

Their duties on her

To save her life and

The life of the fetus

In her uterus. The

Obstetrician tried his best

As he saved the

Lives of the mother

And the baby. After

The parturition, they were

Expecting changes, because

Some do say that

When a new baby

Is born in a family

Things used to get

Changed for the family

Because the baby’s angels

Guiding and providing angels

Would be directing goodness

Favor and blessing to

The new family such

That they could become

Rich even from there

But this could not

Happen, everyone was managing

Himself in the island,

Thus, the expected positive

Change according to the


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