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Please don't leave quite yet,
it's only the beginning of the night
and I'm not sure if I may sustain.
Please don't leave yet,
everything around here
feels strange, feels unwelcoming,
feels like I'm miles away from home.
Please don't leave now,

not when skies have turned a dreary gray

and the night, cold.
Don't leave yet,
for your presence is like
the warmth of a bonfire to me
always soothing, seldom relinquishing,
in a world that seizes every opportunity
to tread upon heavy hearts.
Please don't go,
for I have only started to memorize
the curves of your smile
the skin crinkled around your forehead
the twinkle in your eyes
and the warmth of your hands.
I am yet to capture your face,
I am yet to capture this moment
and keep it safe somewhere within me.
Please don't go,
for you are too precious to lose,
things wouldn't be the same if you left.
Please don't go,
for I have envisioned a lifetime
with you, here in this moment.
Please don't go,
stay with me
for I loved you always
I love you still,
and I'll love you
until my hair gray away.

Divya Sharma

© 2020 Divya-Sharma

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