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Stay Safe Inside Your Home

My thoughts to your ears but for now I'll settle for your eyes


Stay safe inside your home

Stay safe inside your home..

while the world turns on;
itself, like a mother eating her young
reaching into the pockets of your disbelief
that it could ever do anything with your fear,
than support your desire for safety;

is a fantasy you embrace while you hate
decisions that rock you into complacency
to an ever growing threat to your personal freedoms
chosing to give up your choices
because your perception goes as far as
your spending habits, turning into
perpetual fluctuations of liberties;

considered privileges, transformed in to chains
rusted over beaten into your brain that you're fine
because big brother has your best interest in mind,
are the lies you tell, to settle the scales
covering your eyes, so you'll buy the next lie
that we don't need the church
what's their worth, when we're all connected to God.

You're the god that you praise in your net worth,
your addiction to stuff, makes you safe;
in your home is where ideas spread,
the contamination of your heart becomes contagious
to the fear you spread of death..
An absolute, but you'll settle for one more day
locked away safe.. inside your home.

© 2020 Leslie Robertson