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Krisselle is a lost soul searching for her purpose in this mundane lifetime.


Severed heart and tired soul,

My life went out of control,

Fate seems so busy,

It has forgotten the existence of me.

Every prayer is a silent cry,

My favorite question is why,

Why am I still being alone?

Do I have a heart of stone?

I tried my best to be lovable,

Yet until now, I received no call.

I really want to love and to be loved,

Please someone throw a heart for me to rob.

I may look petty for I am begging,

I am desperate yet patiently waiting,

I still believe that somewhere,

There's someone who will care,

Someone whom I will share my life with,

Until we meet Grimm Reaper's scythe.

He will surely mix flavors in my bland life,

And will be proud to call me his wife.

I am not looking for handsome in particular,

I don't even require a house and a car.

I am not looking for a wealthy man.

What's important is I am his only one.

I know someday, fate will notice me.

You and I will meet, Oh great, finally.

So for now, while I am waiting for the sign.

Let your mind wonders until your heart meets mine.

© 2020 Krisselle Jane Solangon


Krisselle Jane Solangon (author) from Pasay City, Philippines on August 20, 2020:

Thank you for appreciation.

Sannyasi Raja from Durgapur, West Bengal, India on August 09, 2020:

Lovely poetry.

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