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Status Symbols

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A new year; more problems to contend with

Worried about the past, present and the future

A lot to contend with on a 40 plus hour a week schedule

Future in flux due to the world literally being that way

Everyone on thin ice for various questionable things

Defensive positions drawn to protect fading legacies

Most of the time the ones caught in the crosshairs

Needed to brought to the attention of the masses

Other times they became lambs to the slaughter

Satisfying the media's need to sell more columns

Get more views and eyes on their screens

Wondered where all this negativity came from

Realized that it was mainly about the 99 percent

Wanting to knock down the 1 percent a few pegs

Let's face it that needed to happen to level the playing field

The braggards who allowed their arrogance to be on display

Nowadays, social media a breeding ground for it

People loving to flaunt their money and privilege

While regular folks cringe and get annoyed at them

Hate liking their posts and resenting them even more

Suckered into the notion that life wasn't worth living

Without three Bentleys and a tub full of Cristal

Phony music video images not an accurate representation

Of what it truly meant to have "made it"

Been branded from an early age about success

Meant a lot about projecting the right image

Even if you were millions of dollars in debt

Government seized everything, except your clothes

Not the designer good ones; those are gone

The ratty white New Balance sneakers

And your twenty old Gun 'N Roses concert t-shirt

Torn up dark blue Levis jeans with the worn out back pocket

All that remain of the fleeting success you once had

Couldn't understand why people liked to post about everything

What they eat, where they travel to and their social calendars

Sometimes a little humility went a long way

Stop displaying fancy cars, swimming pools and mansions

Well, do that every once in a while

Turn off your social media and pick up the phone

Talking to someone instead of posting everything

Better to go somewhat tradition instead of putting it all on display

It's your life; not an art showcase.

A reality for a few; a fantasy for many.

A reality for a few; a fantasy for many.

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