Criminal RHYMES (Season 3)

Updated on January 29, 2018


Gideon's faced with a decision.
Thinking about resigning.
Resigning because a friend was killed.
Gideon never did heal.
He reminisces about a working case.
That kept his mind in a place.
A place off of what happened.
It was a case on a college campus.
Where a girl is killed.
The team discussed it.
With all the school's authorities.
Despite Gideon's insecurities.
They investigate the murder.
Attempting to find the killer.
Obtaining all information.
The team stresses more patience.
Meanwhile, the campus officer.
Has suspicious behavior.
He's nice to the girls.
But preying to end their world.
The team invades his home.
Finding nothing in his home.
His name is NATHAN TUBBS.
The team catches up.
Apprehending him.
Leaving Gideon skeptical of him.
The catch was too easy.
Tubbs is denying.
That he is the killer.
They apprehend the real killer.

No more Raping

There's a rapist on the lose.
The team does what they can too.
Track him down.
First, they figure it out.
Meanwhile, Hotch and Gideon.
Have not been showing.
Showing up to work.
Leaving the team to wonder.
Wonder what it really is.
Then Hotch arrives but not Gideon.
Hotch is relieved of duties.
His boss is now leading.
Leading the team.
While they're investigating.
Investigating the crimes.
Of the girls that died.
Their new leader.
Has unusual behavior.
Despite it, they investigate.
Hoping to not make mistakes.
While the rapist is still at large.
The team finds out where to start.
Where to start looking for him.
They discuss ways to find him.
After he commits more murders.
They track him down and its over.

The Suspect

Gideon has resigned.
The team is surprised.
Reading the letter he left behind.
Meanwhile, Hotch gets back.
To leading the team to a suspect.
Of a male holding hostage.
The team finds that he's killing to.
He gathers them to find the truth.
They start to investigate it.
Meeting up with authorities.
But they start experiencing.
Experiencing strange things.
Finding things maybe troubling.
Despite it, they find clues.
Piecing together all the news.
The serial hostage.
Is not looking to stop it.
Killing young women.
Making men a part of his vision.
Killing for sport.
Showing little remorse.
Making it hard to find him.
But the team does find him.
They find him alive.
But he commits suicide.

Not your friend

In a beautiful home in Colorado.
Is a family doing the usual?
Usual things that families do.
But experience something unusual.
Someone knocks at their door.
Posing as a just a neighbor.
They invite him in.
He invites his friend.
They all end up dead.
The team gets a hold of it.
They go to Colorado.
Going to the home to know.
What and how this happened.
Wondering why they were the only target.
The killers are on the lose.
The team finds out the truth.
The town becomes aware.
To be careful to encounter.
Before he kills again.
The team catches him.

Very Proud

A child celebrates her birthday.
In a mall on a Saturday.
But one goes missing.
The parents are panicking.
They talk to the police.
They find that someone is taking.
Someone's taking children.
The team comes in searching.
Searching for them all.
Knowing they're within the mall.
They get some surveillance.
They see someone they want to question.
They use the clues.
Hoping to find some good news.
Using any source available.
To get these kids out of trouble.
Hoping they are alive.
Looking everywhere inside.
Inside the huge mall.
They find them all.
Along with the kidnapper.
Making a father and mother.


In the swamp in Virgina.
There may be a new team member.
He's interviewing for the Job.
He later gets the job.
He's welcomed by the team.
Looking forward to working.
Obtaining their first case.
Of a mother that is placed.
Placed on the missings list.
Her Husband finds shes, not on the list.
It is just a cover.
His wife is just maybe murdered.
The team gets the case.
They go to where it took place.
Gathering the evidence.
Then they pursue their suspect.
Finding some girls alive.
Not leaving the suspect alive.

They Solve it

In the desert in Montana.
The police are chasing after.
A male that's very dangerous.
They get more when he's cornered.
Meanwhile, the team discovers.
A little more about their new member.
They get the case.
They then prepare to chase.
Prepare to hunt down a girl.
That's somewhere around the world.
They know that she's not dead.
But they don't know if her kidnappers dead.
They fly to Montana.
Meeting police officers.
Obtaining information.
Focused on finding.
Finding the missing girl.
He family needs her in their world.
The team does all they can.
They then find that its another man.
Another man is involved.
It's a twist that the team solves.

Fed them

In a criminal facility.
Parents are wondering.
Wondering about their child
Who is freed to run wild?
The team gets a case.
Of girls murdered then placed.
Place in a similar fashion.
The team figures whats really happening.
Realizing that a satanist.
Is the one behind all of it.
Its a form of worship.
A form that they can't let slip.
They can't let him slip away.
He's killing many by the day.
Doing it and putting up signs.
Making sure that he takes time.
They examine the scenes.
They then start investigating.
Gathering what they need.
Making sure that the strategy.
The strategy is working.
The track down this satanist.

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