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Static Energy

Marieta Maglas is a co-author in some anthologies published by Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and Silver Birch Press.


Dusted heads, star,

stars and laurel leaves,

combatants hunting royal thrones

on the firing, hot summer eves.

Baby black ferocious panthers

have shining, yellow eyes

to hold back and to spy

fictitious horizons

in the moonless nights.

Horizontal dreams,

suppressed wishes,

tears, and heights.


to fall off and to break on

nihilistic thoughts.

Labyrinths of errors

having right angles

to impose order on chaos

in a fight with some inherited tangles.

Inhabitancy slowly sinking into the ground.

This poem develops the subject of the philosophical novel ' Thus Spoke Zarathustra' , a book written by Friedrich Nietzsche. It is about ' the eternal recurrence' or the ' Death of God' . This idea comes from ' Death of God Theology' , a concept in which God ceases to exist and generates other gods. Also, the designation of the human beings is inbetween overman and superman, a base for Arianism. This book contains a lot of criticism against Christianity.

In fact, the Zoroastrianism exalts a deity of wisdom named Ahura Mazda meaning Wise Lord. The majority of Zoroastrians live in India and Iran.