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Starting At The End Is More Exciting Than Starting At The Beginning

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A Real Life Who Done It

Where everything we do

It is based on ...

What we did before

Each time moving in one direction or another

Never in a straight line

Sometimes four steps backward

Only to take another step forward

We can watch other people

Even though our life will never be the exact same

We can try so many times and still fail

Then again we can do wonderful the first time

There are times we feel we are spiraling out of control

Only to look back years later

Then and only then can we see we would turn out just fine

We can search for clues and tips from other people that have tried

Hoping to get a jump start

That will lead us in the right direction

Instead we may do it on our own

Fall as hard as we can

Only to pick ourselves up once again

In our journey through life

We have the chance to meet so many wonderful people

Some people chose to ignore everyone at every turn

I'd rather welcome them as friends

Think of them as family

In the end aren't we all searching for the same darn thing

A happy life

We just are finding our way

Like a baby learning to walk

We have to do it on our own

Nobody can do it for us

Searching for what works and what doesn't

In our adventure

We see many people come and go

Life can be so complex

I like to make it real simple

We live

We experience all we can

Then we move on

To where I am not sure

Once again it is our life

Our path

Be well and I hope to meet you many times during my life

So we can laugh, cry and learn about the world we live in

Only to help other people see

As much as we live our separate lives

We are all one

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