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Start anew

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Morning comes Last day of the year Countdown begins With the hands of the clock ticking away Cup of coffee in hand Scrolling through the phone Seeing people waiting For a new start Yet we look back On those events Both good and bad Both in sadness And in happiness In the struggles And achievements Of life Afternoon is here Everything is busy Food is being prepared Desserts are made Music already blasting Some drinking Until who knows How long Evening, Not only stomachs Are full But the moon too Pretty looking With the stars beside Twinkling How calm the night is 12 midnight Realizations come 2020 was chaotic But we got through it Everyone breathe Today is a new day Start of another year We'll get through it again The difficulties to come Sadness and hurt We'll get through it Breathe Celebrate Small things and Happy things With loved ones