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Stars Waltz on the Darkness, so Hearts May Rejoice. Thursday's Homily for the Devout, 18. To My Friend, Marlene Bertrand

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Stars Waltz on The Darkness, So Hearts May Rejoice.

When a 22-yr old inauguration poet,

Goes viral in 10 mins, it tells me, that

Where ever I am in the world arena,

I’m in need of the Light her Spirit offers.

Some leaders are just tiny parts, of a much

Larger problem --the dearth of the soul.

Amanda's strength, is that she angles the

Darkness, into the Citadel of cosmic Light.

I offer myself to my Beloved, and the whole

Universe works with me. I know that where

My treasure lies, there will my Heart be also.

The Heart, the Heart, for me nothing else matters.

I follow the call of this bodily Temple,

Transform myself in amazing ways.

A cascade of beauty follows my Path,

A fragrance to Sojourners, walking the Tao.

I burn in Its Alchemy, on a Path

Paved with challenges. My desires,

Greed … attachments, are naught but the

Beloved’s labyrinth, to find my way Home.

For a slow student, the good teacher

Repeats each lesson again and again.

Whene’er my Queen embraces me, She removes

Worn strands from my blueprint of memories.

I ascend on the flames of the Phoenix, crawling

In spirals, like a snake. Shaped like malleable

Clay in the hands of my Weaver, I attune

To the moon and twinkle of stars.


I soar upwards, as Orion dances, preparing

A banquet for Emperors and Queens.

I, who was lost in turbulent waters,

Now turn my gaze to welcome the shore.

I sail on a vista of new horizons, away

From sad songs of supremacy;

Adorned by the lyrics of magical psalms,

Cascading their rays, to the harp of my soul.

I know from the sad tale of Pharisees, that the

Mind’s brilliance, is no match for the unspoken

Radiance of the Heart; so I speak, not of

Inequities, but study the scents of fragrant flowers.

It is the myriad notes in an orchestra, that

Blends the music together, like the silent awe

In a poem sublime. It is Love which gives me the

Sting of thorns, to transform me into roses.

Any erroneous leadership, eventually lead to a brighter

Sunshine. Stars waltz on the darkness, so Hearts may rejoice.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 21st January, 2021.

Extracts from Sri Chinmoy's Writing

"... in the near future, a new Light will dawn, and it will clear all the clouds, the thick clouds that have gathered together for years. Very soon - I am not saying tomorrow or in a month or in a year or two - but in the near future, the world will see the dawn of world history." - Sri Chinmoy


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