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Stargazing: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

Tired and wired

From a long day and weed



I was sleep bound

Round and round

The world spun

My mind was loss

Which made it even more bizarre

That I had the striking urge

To gaze at the stars

The stars are grand

Don’t get me wrong

Singing the sun’s song

As it lights up the world elsewhere

Wrong were my desires

I was far too tired

To stargaze

Dire this was not

Trapped in a mental maze

Confusion ran wild

Conflicted by needs and wants

Wants and needs


My subconscious mind took the lead

As my hand turned the knob

And my good nights rest was officially robbed

Accompanied by music

I watched the stars be

Observation unrequired

These great balls of fire

Lacked any significance

Except what we bring to it

For example

The Zodiac signs

This road attracts lines

Of many people

Of different shapes and sizes

Why this

Is true

The answer is up to you

But the phenomena is people made



Says the the detractors

Whether it’s fact or


I don’t know

When this girl explained it

I believed her


I’d believe anything she’d say

Love shapes the mind in strange ways


I don’t love her.

I know,

I think,

I Know,I think, I know,I think

Know, think, know, think

Brain at brink

Limit passed

Sleep at last

Subconscious refused


Once again, I choose

To gaze at the meaningless stars

We went on a few dates

The latest at the lake

Where we baked

Our brains

As an escape

From pains

Me, you, and the balls

Of nuclear fusion

Convinced that their significance was an illusion

But you added a roadblock

A welcomed intrusion

To these thoughts

“Star alignment

Brings assignment

Of character traits

And also states

The people your best fitted

To stick with

In this neverending war called life”

This is what she taught me

When she caught me


To the meaning of the stars:

A vehicle of finding who we really are

I asked if we were compatible

And she said it was infallible

We were


Allured, I am

To you

Goofy, passionate, smart

Body a work of art

And maybe the stars predicted this attraction

Predicted my heart to perform odd contractions

In your presence

A present you are

But I don’t love you

I won’t allow myself to

Love is poisonous

Only if

You know both sides of the ugly coin

One side is beauty embodied

And fills the heart to the brim

With positivity that nothing can dim

But once that heart breaks

Your tears will fill lakes

Your life could be at stake

Because why live if the one that made life worth living is


But while the situation is far from ideal

You will heal

Though with the ugly side of love revealed

You avoid it

I fell in love twice, not once

Which made me feel like a dunce

Suffering squared

My heart is weared


I have found

That it is best to exist

Outside of this

Game of love

My heart will never heal


So maybe the stars say you complete me

So maybe I love everything about you,

And the way you treat me

So maybe you make me feel amazing

My mind is never changing

I (don’t) love you.

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