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Stargazer an original Poem

Hi, I am Keane an inspiring writer that translates all of my emotions, sufferings and pain into words of poetry.


words by: Keane Martinez

Like the sun that gives light to the moon
You give light to me too, A light that shines
while you're around like the night stars smiling
at the darkest of skies, Now that you found the sun
to your moon I am happy for you too, Like how I believe
in the stars that align for the kings in Bethlehem I wish
for the shooting stars would align me back to you, A wish
that once is within reach, until I fall for you like the shooting
stars reaching for the moon, falling to the gravity of earths crust
Now I am so far away from you, though you still shine on me sometimes
from the distant like the day when the sun is no longer with the moon.
I am still hoping you would pick me up like the asteroids in your gravitational
pull. But you will still pick me up right? Shooting stars pick me up. Please.

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