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H.Sanbika is medically oriented by degree though she's not practicing it currently, Her passion on scribbling thoughts dragged her here.

“I do not want to sleep

for fear I might miss the twinkle of the brightest star

for fear I may never know

how the moon glimmers, in the darkest hour.”

― Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest



You have such surpassing beauty

Even from afar

Your nature is so delicate

Fragile to hold

Your light shines

Brighter than the diamonds

Like priceless gems

On a princess' necklace

You are sprinkled lovingly

On black silk so costly

I wonder how it feels

To be touched by your rays

How stunning they are

They leave me breathless

Some people say you could lead me

And grant my every wish

My heart begins to beat

Every time you leave a trace

Of your awesome sparkling shade

I wonder if it's true

Because there's a wish I know

That I kept secret from you

I may want to ask

This dream that i have

But I am so sure

You cannot grant

For it was you I want so bad

I hope you'd come down

And sit by my side

But you're so very precious

Someone I can't bear to lose

Here on earth, you will perish

And I can't let that happen

To someone I cherish

So be where you are

Even it tears me apart

Stay in your heaven

For there, you will flourish

“i will forever be colliding

with a billion unnamed

undiscovered stars, each of us

on our own orbital paths.”

― Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

© 2017 Himeko Sanbika

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