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I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.

Like Star in the Night Sky

Like the stars that adorn the night

Like that taste in the heart

Still stored neatly in the deepest corner

Without wanting to surf the surface

Enough with this flaring star delivered

Through the whisper of the wind that blows gently

Sweeping the cheeks that are unable to hold back tears

Longing tears saved for two decades.

Eastern Star Is Love

When the sky is star-studded

You whisper the word that there is one star that you like

The star is an eastern star

While your calm eyes staring at me

You say the eastern star is love

The symbol you gave me

And I know that until now, my memories are my memories

My memories of you are now gone

Under the Millions of Stars

On a hilltop at the end of July four years ago

I still remember the grip of your hand when you promised

Promised to make me the only one

Under the millions of twinkling stars

But it is not the same as reality

You leave even before the promise is fulfilled

Leave a wound that until now has not been treated

Whispering to the Star

The night lit by starlight

We once sat together on the grass

Whispering to the bright star

For realizing a dream

Time passes quickly to bring millions

Which decomposes at night under the auspices of the stars

With sincere prayers that hold onto hope

Hope that is embraced tightly does not want to disappear

Falling Star Promise

I know you are a figure with logic

You will never be a miracle

You always say everything has an explanation

Not just because of luck

But I believe in the promise of falling stars

That hope will come true

Even though I had to go through a struggle

One Night With the Eastern Star

There was a time when I just wanted to be alone

Without anyone accompanying me

Only a blanket draped over my shoulder

And a glass of steaming hot chocolate

One night with the eastern star

Chattering spoiled the middle of my story with him

The story of him who left without saying goodbye

I Am the Blue Star

You once asked me

Why do I like looking at the night sky?

I answered because I like stars

The star who is my friend tells stories

And I hope someday

I can be a shining star

Shines beautifully on a night

Because I'm the blue star

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah

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