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Stanley and Iris' Fork in the Road: Is it the End or the Beginning?

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A story that started out in the most surprising of places

Down the lanes of our favorite local bowling alley

Didn't know what one outing could turn into

Each day felt more and more like the real deal

Sure, nothing is perfect: she's an 80s child and he's a baby boomer

Seemed inconsequential to Iris as time went on

Love comes in all forms, and age shouldn't be a deciding factor

On a story that could be great no matter what

Fast forward the calendar and nothing has changed for her

She still loves him: grey hairs, wrinkles and the whole kit and caboodle

Our favorite couple has been together for ages

Two plus years; fighting some of the nastiest ups and downs

Unemployment, illness, anxiety, corporate routine, etc.

Iris worked hard to be the supportive girlfriend/partner

Despite her naivete and lack of experience, she thought

That she was doing a great job as a partner

A strong shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with

Stanley has been the same for her in many ways

A strong shoulder to lean on when times were tough

Made her feel attractive when she thought she was

Undeserving of love and affection; that something was broken inside

Allowed for her eccentricities to shine through no matter what

Suddenly, their love story has come to a crossroads

Will they continue on as a couple of creative individuals?

Will they move away from each other due to circumstances beyond their control?

Hard to say at this given juncture.

Regardless of the outcome, she wishes him no ill will

And will always appreciate their time together; even if it comes to an end.

What direction will their story go to next?

What direction will their story go to next?

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