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Stanley Vs Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation: Balance of Power

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Another day; another battle waging on

Against time; against an endless amount of obstacles

Nothing seemed to be going the way it was privately envisioned

Stanley's endless flow of creativity blocked by

Reality throwing massive Indiana Jones style boulders

At him like they were fastballs thrown by Nolan Ryan

Bobbing and weaving became a second hobby for him

Got caught in the latest no hitter streak of "The Ryan Express"

Frustrated by the disappointing effort of building something

From the ground up; only for it fall apart in the 11th hour

So close to the finish line and tripping over your own foot

Before hitting that solid white line in the pavement

Wondered what the next course of action would be now

After one too many roadblocks being brought up

On the highway to discovering something beyond punching a time clock

A mind full of ideas and little time to do them

With an endless litany of driving large trailers in Stanley's truck for night

Sometimes traveling 60 hours a week without blinking an eye

With the occasional three to four hours of sleep during the day

Brain too wired to function with Circadian rhythm being off balance

Focused on the unexpected sights of driving up and down East coast

Driving past a Camel on a sheep farm in Vermont

A strange and unexpected discovery that needed a photo

To be taken to be believed by almost everyone

A juxtaposition of Stanley's life in some strange way

An intelligent and creative soul stuck in a mindless pit of a grindstone

Only Iris can relate to that ironic dilemma entirely

Human equivalent of a Ford Mustang stuck

In a plateaued valley of rusted out Yugos and Fiats

Engine still working while trapped in an inferior reality context

Running hands through his almond brown colored hair

That contained the slightest bit of salt in it for seasoning

Iris thought the salt gave him the look of a rebellious intellect

Many misconceived Stanley as just a rough streetwise guy

Someone no one wanted to cross on any given day

Never cross him unless you have the moves to back it up

There's so much more to be seen if only they looked

A level of determination and curiosity to try and create

Even if it didn't get off the ground so to speak

A kindness and strength to support his loved ones

Also, a somewhat subtle softer nougaty side only Iris sees

As far as she's aware of

Whatever the course that Stanley's life will take

With Iris and otherwise

He will be more than just a truck driver.

A superior model before being corrupted by society's Yugos.

A superior model before being corrupted by society's Yugos.