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Stanley Cup Playoff (Replay )

I am an avid Cardinal fan, rarely missing a game. My disappointment is evident in my choice of dialog, but replays, I can do without.


Replays are for people who missed the game the first time around.

Stanley Cup playoffs replay

Can you imagine watching this again?

It seems like yesterday when we were yelling " Go Blues go win win win "

We watched as they knocked each other down

Scooting a little puck round and around

The referee in between when they began to fight

The crowd loving it esp. if they throw in a big bloody bite

I must say that if it were not for my husband, Ray

I would watch anything before I'd watch this ice replay

I would have watched The Conners if Roseanne was still on the show

That's what happens when you make a racist blow


Tomorrow night we start watching the Cardinals replay

Oh please Mr. C Virus could you possibly go away?

When I go outside

I see people walking apart, not together, side-by-side

Gloves and masks in place and tied tightly

Is this a scene we must continue seeing nightly?

Oh shucks, the Cardinals won't be so bad

I'll get to watch ( Cute Butt ) Harrison Bader, for this I am truly glad

He's my ' ray ' of sunshine as we travel through these dark days

When this God awful virus is gone and we start living again, I'll send a letter to Bader packed full of girlish praise.


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