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Stands By My Side

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Sean has written professionally for 7 years, but writes poetry strictly for hobby and for mental release.


Stands By My Side

I taste the dream, hold it by the seam

It’s one step from reality

It sinks in place, with life to face

Watching as the seasons change

Emotions seem to feel the same

Ideas form, the mind will strain

It’s when you turn the empty page

It’s leave one blank and wandering

Steps forward mean no turning back

Haunted by the whispered facts

This blend we face and have to taste

Comes with a name, forsaken fate

The skin is cold, the body shakes

I hold your hand, tell God to wait

Yet the bridge has been met

And with the change, the sun will set

The bodies still, the mind is free

The soul will soar in front of me

Left with a sense, I need repair

And reaching out to empty air

I forsake, and curse the time

I reach inside, no peace to find

Shadows eclipse the broken me

As I accept what has to be

Your love will paint the sea with light

And cast the sky with stars so bright

Yet this place won’t seem the same

As you ascend to different planes

In these dreams you’re there to see

In my heart you’re there alive

And when I whisper to myself

I hope you hear me in the sky

Emotion’s change like ocean’s tide

As Your ghost stands by my side

© 2020 Sean

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