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Standing on Two Feet: One Shaky Step at a Time

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Under the elusive notion that time helped to heal all

Wounds from the outside as well as the inside

What a concept when you wished time went faster

Some people can get hurt and literally walk away

With only a scratch and a smile on them

Others appeared to have gone to war three times over

Seemed unfair that some guys just had all the luck

Something that Rod Stewart once sang about

His character in the song was of the latter category

Believed that things were starting to turn a corner

Less Band-Aids needed to get up in the morning

Smiling came a little more naturally; no longer faking it

Thought progress was being made to move on

Putting one foot in front of the other

Onward and upwards with repeated utterings and promises

To showcase ability to develop strength and maturity

When others failed to demonstrate it in return

Developed a metaphorical type of insulation around broken heart

Allowing it to heal at normal emotional pace

Letting anger and sadness to fade away into the ether

Making memories just simply that with no heartache attached

Removing a certain level of stinging stigma to the not so far past

Wearing tokens of their former appreciation and love

As a showcase of resilience instead of representing them

Surviving even the worst of emotional storms

Realized that slowly starting to overcome the heartbreak

Getting over the eroded love of a former flame

Understood that my anxiety over everything was my issue alone

Didn't connect to recent events in the slightest

Just another check and balance to add to the list

Embraced the fact that the person in the mirror was a worrywart

Every curveball that came about another cause for stress

One minor speedbump left nerves in tatters

Needed to focus on old stand up comedy videos to relax

Focusing on counting to ten to get off the internal ledge

Aware that personal foibles needed to be tweaked once again

Hard to fathom that one moment could generate such a ripple effect

Making such a dent in the imaginary security blanket

Created for insurance for these events

Embarrassed that major panic can come from thin air

Down to the last tiny shred of dignity left

A slowly crumbling façade of professional responsibility

An adult that functioned like a normal red blooded person

Without coming apart at the seams every time someone says boo

Picturing a nice scenic scene to come back to earth this time

Felt nice to allow some rational thought to return

Letting the adrenaline flowing through the veins to come down

Laughing at the absurdity of it all without getting sad

Preparing for a new batch of holiday festivities and unwinding

Exactly what the doctor prescribed and will follow to the letter.

A beautiful token from the past used in the present to move forward.

A beautiful token from the past used in the present to move forward.

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