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Stand Up Write

It Can Be Real Hard

Then again nobody said it was going to be easy

Doing what you love

Then making a living from it

I try and dream and then come back down to earth slowly

I love the feeling of floating on air

Just like a balloon

We don't need the helium

We need something else

Peoples love

The freedom to dance good with two left feet

I feel untouchable

The closest thing I can relate it to

Is making love

Love is more incredible and more fulfilling

Then again writing has it's moments

When your in love

You feel invincible

That no matter what you do

Things are going to turn out alright

That is why so many people will do anything for love

The emotion is so strong

We look forward and will do what we can to make that feeling last

No one else has to know

It is more private but it also feels so right when it goes public

If it doesn't go well

We often retreat back into our own little worlds

Where we are safe and secure

We may want the world to accept us

The world is not ready for what we think or do

Writing is a lot like that too

We write from our heart

Thinking that feels so important and right

Then when we share it with other people

We find our views are not always appreciated and accepted

They may be down right wrong in the minds of others

We have to decide

To take what other people say as criticism to make us better

Without thinking

It is easy to take it to heart

To feel let down

Betrayed in some way

Now we are left out

Abandoned just when we look forward to other people the most

Sometimes we let them know

Other times we tell nobody

We want to go and hide back to our sanctuary

Hidden from the real world

It is too late

We have already broken the ice

One of the hardest things to ever do

I find at this point

We have two choices

We can go back into obscurity

In time people will forget

Life moves so fast

We will be forgotten

Then again we can

Muster up the courage

Forge on

Keep writing because we loved it so much

Find different ways to rekindle that burning desire

If it is holding a pen

Remembering the first time we used a pencil

Typed a few words on a manual typewriter

Progressed to a word processor

Got to see our words lift from the actual page

With an electric typewriter

There can be nothing better

We were wrong again

Years later writing on a computer

Seeing one hundred times the progress

Being able to share our thoughts with the world

In the very instant they are written

Well what is the next step

Keep writing

Don't stop now

You can see how far you have come

The people are not wrong

They have been supporting you all along

They want you to get more practice

Over time you will make changes

You will become better

It doesn't happen at your pace

It happens unexpectedly

Like the world of nature

You do not design it

You can take part and help create it

Then in some beautiful, fabulous way

Things take a turn

They develop better than you could ever plan

Now you have made it

Not rich and famous what so many people want

So much better

You have succeeded

You have done what you set out to do

You have been writing your heart out

Giving life to the words you know

When you see those words dance their own dance

You know all this time and effort

Was worth it in the end

You have understood the word accomplishment

A feeling of great relief

A feeling of sadness

Like you have just lost your best friend

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