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Stand Firm - A Poem

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These are dread times we're experiencing. This pandemic war we rage against each other.


Stand firm, for why you were born

Focus on your certainty, do not be torn

They warned of slogans and of war

And today, here they are

In the face of viral distractions

Hold your position and keep traction

Bear the brutality every day

Holding fast to your vital way


Healthy Body, Strong mind and clean spirit

Slow tongue, measured movement and sharp wit

Your business to mind, no time to mind mine

Our paths will cross at some point in time

I make my choices, you make yours too

To fall in, or stay out of line cos that’s what we do

But be careful, if you slip you slide

From your decision you can’t hide


Don’t own the need ‘cos it’s a lie

And always always ask why

Understand and love your root

Accept and respect the real truth

That’s when we will understand

Yourself man, is your law and your land

Anger and confusion fade away

To pity us who have lost the way

No weight in our actions, just words in a line

Like trying to understand the sound of the color nine


The few war with the many and the many war among themselves

The virus is a trending, trailing vaccine on the shelves

Something else to think about

Yet another cause to shout

From gentle coercion of hunger pangs

To the violent demons born of momma’s fangs

To sexes, and textes, and exes in boxes

And bosses who flosses while some feel the losses

And time it just passes like gasses from asses

Cracked spirits in glasses to splinter the masses


Those who rattle the box

Will their own key to the locks

Crack it open and break

Downed barriers at stake

Have the balls to blow when it sucks

And I could go on but I won’t

For some can do better but don’t

While some will sit tense

On every man’s fence

Thinking it safe defence

So all you can do for you

To thine own self be true

The seed that was sown, the way you were grown

Is what will take you through