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St. Eve

Updated on November 26, 2017

Composed by Blake Ford Hall and Jef Taylor

Many from the land that talked of the sea
Walked through the shores of their destiny
Sold their dreams for a place in the sky
They were robbed of life and a place to die
Let the elders tell us
Tell us of the Eve
Let our fathers
Never be deceived...

And those who searched for the life supreme
Were given the honor of St. Eve
And so they traveled fast and far
To a mystical place behind the stars
Watch the sun sink
Let us gather, let us be
In the name
In the name of St. Eve...

And the lives of those who were without
Were sent thru the land to wander about
And on the dawn of the annual scream
On will rise to claim St. Eve
Light encircles, And entrances those about it
In the name
In the name, in the name of St. Eve...


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