Squelching the Truth

Updated on December 10, 2017

“I’m the freedom of this wretched tomb,”

Said the fierce gunslinger that slaughtered authorities

“I’m the Beatniks, the Milton, the Shelley, the nutcracker little monkey”

The boy smiled at the gunslinger’s remarks

And told him, “I’m the future FBI, that’s why I’m here”

The boy’s crazy-Stephen-King-creepy smile continued

“I’m here to spoil your fun,” said the foul boy

The gunslinger stared

“I’m malice, and you have a truth that I must bring to demise”

Continued the cranky boy

They both drew their guns

The boy shoots the man square in the face

Note: Wrote this in early 2000s. I really do not remember what made me write this poem! Just enjoy it at least!


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      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 months ago from Riga, Latvia

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