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About Sprites - A Children's Poem

Tina's passion for creative writing began in her teens. She holds a Master of Arts (writing) and works as a freelance writer.

Up close and personal with a possum at night.

Up close and personal with a possum at night.

A playful sprite

In a garden at night

Is delightful to watch from the house.

When a young baby possum

Lands flat on its bottom

While chasing his mother about.

Tousling and snacking

Or simply piggy backing

The possum's a bundle of fun.

It's cheeky and bright

But doesn't like light

And from any noise it will run.

With his pointy ears twitching

And his sloping snout sniffing

He smells the fruit in the trees.

With a dash and dart

Up the tree he will start

To feast on the fruit in the breeze.

Or, when playing with mum

Should another possum come

Creeping stealthily through the grass

With a crouch and a pounce

His mother will trounce

And chase it off to the pass.

A dozen more sprites

In my garden at night

Is a delightful event to see.

Not one or two

But quite a few

I'm sure you will agree.

© 2010 Tina Dubinsky