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Springtime in Indiana

Most of my poems are from what can best be described as my "Blue Period", aka "The Dark Year of the Restless Soul".


Springtime in Indiana

Springtime in Indiana

Like a bright new shiny dawn

Everything awakens

With a stretch and stifled yawn

Insects creep and trees awake

The grass grows slowly green

The springtime showers

Rouse the flowers

And stir up smells unseen

The squirrels, the birds

The outside world

Sing songs of like renewed

The children play

And young hearts stray

To thoughts of nights in June

The farmers plow

And plant their fields

The gardeners cultivate

They sow their seeds

And wipe out weeds

Their harvests they await


The bikers call their pleasure steeds

In hopes of midnight rides

With engines stroked

And oily smoke

They journey side by side

The kids all play

And await the day

When teachers no longer rule

A forward look

To days without books

And afternoons spent at the pool

The sights

The smells

The warm sunshine

There's magic in the air

Nature grabs the best of us

Love is everywhere

Springtime in Indiana

Like back home everywhere

Springtime in Indiana

Can't wait to get back there.

Time lapse of new growth

Time lapse of new growth

© 2018 Hal Gall