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Springtime Arriving After A Long And Harsh Ice Age In Your Heart

Emee.chan loves springtime in her heart, without winter ever prevailing.


Not Another Ice Age

You one told me "I always know just how you feel."
If that were truly the case,
How come my heart grew cold in the first place?

My heart was ruled over by the longest winter,
Seemingly neverending.
It froze everything in its path, harsh and unforgiving.

Though I managed to melt it painstakingly slow,
It didn't change the fact that later on
I felt even more alone.

The cold still followed me in traces,
Making me more aware of my vulnerability.
It turned out you're an expert at making me feel bitter.

It's a blessing in disguise
You never bothered to text me, asking
"What can I do to make you smile?"

And if by chance you did ask,
I probably wouldn't have replied, for my mind's sake.
My heart doesn't deserve another ice age.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković